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Tuotekoodi: 2739S

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SECURITHERM shower mixer with SECURITOUCH anti-burn insulation.

Mixer with 150mm centres, supplied without connectors allowing the choice between standard unions and isolating unions with purge specifically designed for hospitals. - Ceramic cartridge Ø 40 and pre-set maximum temperature limiter. Chrome-plated brass body and sculptured, vertical lever. Shower outlet M1/2" with integrated non-return valve and flow rate restricted to 8 lpm. Brand DELABIE type SECURITHERM Securitouch EP mixer. Ref. 2739 (or approved equivalent).

Ref. : 2739 :

Ref. : 2739S :

  • Model available with pressure balancing EP cartridge Ø 40 REF. 2739EP
  • To complete order a flexible hose, shower head, rail and shower head holder.
  • Options: anti-stagnation device ref. 880 , off-set connectors, floor traps.
  • Operation: - Sculptured lever opens/closes mixer. - Turning the control lever adjusts the temperature.
  • Use: All hospital accommodation: maternity wards, women & children centres, convalescent homes, retirement homes, specialist clinics, etc.
  • HYGIENE: - Less static water in the mixer body considerably reduces the risk of bacterial development. - Smooth body and spout interiors reduces niches where bacteria can develop.
  • ANTI-SCALDING SAFETY: - Maximum temperature limitation: mixer supplied with maximum temperature limiter engaged to save time during installation. The installer can adjust if necessary.
  • SECURITOUCH technology: In general, the bodies of shower mixing valves are made from chrome-plated brass. Since metal is a very effective heat conductor it is very easy for people to get burnt even when only brushing against the surface of the mixer. DELABIE offer increased safety for unparalleled comfort thanks to the SECURITOUCH technology, designed especially for use by patients people with reduced mobility, the elderly, young children, etc. Any risk of accidental burning by touching the chromed surface of the mixer is removed.
  • COMFORT: - Sculptured control lever is easy to operate. - Constant temperatures and no HW/CW inter connection.
  • UP TO 60% WATER SAVINGS: Constant flow rate set at 8 lpm regardless of pressure variations. Maximum user comfort, while optimising the water bill.